One of the most well-known typefaces designed by Erik Spiekermann is FF Meta. It is not as widely used as Helvetica and Univers. However, its uniqueness stood out in the 1990s. I have always been fascinated by its details whether it is used for a headline or for a body text.

a type specimen booklet about ff meta.

—meta power

Spring 2018
Type Specimen Design/ Booklet

In a limited amount of pages, this booklet has to display the functionality and characteristics of the typeface in order to attract designers to purchase it. For the cover design, I wanted to be as straightforward as possible, to have the word “FF Meta” in the upper and lower caps. And for the color choice, I used bold colors to indicate the energetic and bubbly nature of the font itself. To make sure my audience has a full experience of the FF Meta family, I showcase its weight, its number, and font scaling by different typesettings to present how it can be used in design.