The goal of this project is to rebrand Blockbuster through design a new brand identity and create a business strategy. Blockbuster is an American-based provider of home movie and video game rental services through video rental shops. It became internationally known throughout the 1990s. At its peak in 2004. Competition from the Netflix mail-order service, Redbox automated kiosks, and video on demand services were major factors in Blockbuster’s eventual demise. In 2010, the company filed for bankruptcy protection.

a rebranding project for blockbuster

—bring entertainment anytime and everywhere

Spring 2019
Rebranding/ Identity Design/ Logo Design/ Design Strategy

Look back to 20 years ago, Blockbuster’s DVDs rental service brought so many fun and good times to a lot of people.

In the future, Blockbuster will extend the business to whole entertainment industry which includes music, games, movie, and sports. To improve the user experience, we will develop more new technology to support our products and services. Blockbuster is looking forward to bring new, unique and exciting insight to people who love entertainment.