The project is about dreams. Use this keyword to experiment with type explorations, then select one of the explorations to make the movie posters. Happy together is a Chinese contemporary movie directed by one of the most well-known directors from Hong Kong, Kar Wai Wong. My experimental type is an interpretation of a dream which reflects the metaphor of the movie, “life is but a dream.”

process site:

a poster series and trailer for happy together.

—happy together

Spring 2019
Type Experiment/ Poster/ Video/ Photography 

The literal translation of Happy Together is “Spring Light at First Glance.” It is a controversial love story between two men facing their challenges and differences in an ideal reality. In the movie, the director switches the ambiance throughout the story through the use of lighting. I experimented in this project by playing with light to reflect the theme of the movie. I hung letters of the movie title on the ceiling, then projected different colors of lighting coming from different angles onto the letters. I blew the letters from the side, so they drifted away from each other and create a calming and fanciful atmosphere. The sky on the posters and photos of the actors are all projected on the wall as well. All the visual assets are created using the same method including the movie trailer.