It was Inspired by a poem in a language that you cannot read. I did not be given the translation at the first stage. The purpose is to explore the letter characters in without literal understanding. After a series of type explorations, I draw new connections, considered new metaphors and visual projections with English translation.

Hebrew letter gave me a feeling of continuity and movement, especially when it is a vocabulary or a sentence. I made the name of spice as a wave shape by this inspiration. Also, Hebrew is read from left to right, so it's the opposite of English. I applied this characteristic to design. You can read both English and Hebrew on the tin can. For the pattern and color choice, is based on the color and shape of the spices. I chose the tin can with transparent cover is a metaphor for the window in the poem.

a package design inspired by a hebrew poem.

—How many windows does a person need

Spring 2019
Package Design/ Typography/ Print/ Creative Project