People who are engaged in the art and design industry, often lack inspiration as they begin to design. I believe inspiration is more than the visuals on Pinterest or existing creative projects on Behance, it comes from people’s own experiences and perceptions in life.

a mobile application for capturing idea.

—idea catcher

2018 Fall
App Design/ User Interface/ User Experience

As millennials, we have a habit of documenting aesthetically beautiful designs and visuals. However, we often have trouble locating these snapshots of inspiration because they often get buried under miscellaneous photos. The intention of this app is to have the ability to organize photos and categorize them after taking a picture.

Idea Catcher is an app that keeps photo albums neatly organized and systematic. The app has a built-in photo identification, which by typing in keywords, will automatically analyze your database and create a mood board for its users. It also features recording and memo capabilities for the purposing of documenting the user’s ideas and feelings. When you need inspiration, Idea Catcher will seek to inspire you through an exploration of your life.