Kodak started off as one of the most iconic photographic film businesses and changed our perception of photography and imagery. In the present day, they have evolved and shifted focus to digital printing technology. Through collaboration with young contemporary fashion brands such as H&M and Forever 21, Kodak has not only successfully connected with a wider and younger audience, it has transformed from a historical and photography oriented brand to a vibrant and modernistic technology company. However, it has never changed its core values,which are to create and to inspire.

a corporate social responsibility report for kodak.

—raising your sights

Fall 2018
Book Design/ Visual System/ Infographics Design

I aligned the concept of  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report to its core values and built a branding system revolving around color theory and typography. CSR should be more than a numbered report. The purpose of positioning the brand using Kodak’s yellow as the core color is to inherit its historical heritage, elaborate the brand’s integrity and to occupy a distinct place in the minds of its target audience. To further emphasize the playfulness of the brand itself, I created a flexible typesetting system to showcase the innovative and refreshing side of Kodak.