This project is to redesign the Asian Congress of Architect that was held in 2018, Tokyo Japan. It is a major regional conference that invites famous Japanese architects such as Toyo Ito and Seijima Katsuyoas keynote speakers. It is more than just an intellectual knowledge exchange between industry expertise, but also talks a lot about the effects of culture on architecture. I was very much attracted to the theme of the conference, “Simplicity and Multiplicity.”

a visual system design for an asian
conference of architects.

—simplicity and multiplicity

2018 Fall
Conference Design/ Visual System/ Poster/ Program/ Name badge/ Website/ Mobile App

To enhance the rich Japanese cultural heritage of the conference, I incorporated Japanese aesthetics and Japanese typesetting into the visual identity. And the purpose of the Japanese architectural imagery in the poster is to help emphasize the idea of simplicity and multiplicity. To further activate the visual identity, the style of the imagery is also being used across multiple applications and the entire visual system.