Nirvana was a well known American hard rock band in the 1990s. The band broke up when the lead singer, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide in 1994, and the audience was devastated including myself. I was born in the year 1995, a little after that, but after listening to their songs, I was moved and heavily influenced by the music and attracted to their rebellious nature, their talent, their music, and their life. Therefore, I decided to dedicate my redesign project to them.

a book about nirvana and kurt cobain.

—kurt cobain and nirvana

Spring 2018
Book Design

The goal of this book is to deliver Nirvana’s core beliefs and their passion for rock and roll. I studied the history of advertising and poster design in the 90s and analyzed the typefaces and colors that were used mainly in the rock music industry, in order to bring the 90s retro and alternative design aesthetic into this book. For the color, I chose to use purple and yellow, the complementary colors to emphasize the 90s’s bold and fiery edgy style that best indicates that turbulent era. And the typeface FF Meta was also designed in the 1990s, which symbolized that it is “back to the era.” For the photo treatment, I combined black and white photos with purple duotone photos which helped show the power and strength of the spirit of rock and roll.